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The concept of Rubee Handmade came to life in 2012, when the architect Anna Tsatsouli – a passionate knitter and fashion design seeker- driven from her desire to create something special, made the first handbag!

By 2014 her studio graduated from a corner of her home to an actual design studio and showroom and later her design palette expaneded to a full summer collection that includes swimwear, tops, shorts, skirts, jewellery some knitted and some crocheted.

With her free-spirited energy she began a journey with the intention to create, beautiful and timeless pieces with special style for each woman that wants to make the difference.

Anna seeks inspiration from Greek landscape with touch from her experiences traveling the globe and this gives to her collections the uniqueness in colours, textiles and textures. Every piece she creates, carries the value of human touch and it is entirely manufactured by greek women that are carrying on the crocheting tradition. Hand creation represents human connection with material and all love that instills within each piece. Every knot and every stitch offers a heritage’s  connection with contemporary design. Hand creation is an alternative attitude to the mass manufactured norms of fashion industry today.

Rubee Handmade is about the woman she is effortless beautiful, seeks luxury and diversity, adventurous full of confidence and energy, makes the difference and inspires admiration.

Brands advantage is that offers a wide palette of colors and designs and also the opportunity of custom made pieces and this makes even for the most demanding client the term “uniqueness” reality. “The difference is in the details” is our main moto and with this we sign every unique piece of Rubee’s collection.


fashion designer Anna Tsatsouli


Rubee Handmade, blends traditional techniques of knitting and crocheting with contemporary urban styles.

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